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At KamelPay, we are dedicated to transforming payroll management and expense automation for businesses across the UAE.

Our team, embodying the name “Kamel” meaning perfection, strives for excellence in every aspect of service delivery. Founded in 2021, we’re committed to providing secure, all-in-one financial solutions, focusing on the underbanked and underserved.

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with our flagship products:

PayD : Tailored for underbanked individuals, PayD offers a comprehensive Super App and Mastercard prepaid card, simplifying money transfers, bill payments, and salary advances.

Centiv : Streamline your financial operations with Centiv, a hassle-free solution empowering business growth through efficient spend management and reconciliation.

Book a meeting with our team to explore personalized solutions that meet your company’s unique needs and unlock exceptional value for your employees.

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